We’ve got our very own Vimeo Channel where you’ll find all of our latest clips...it’s just like the telly but on your computer!  Find us on Facebook too and feel free to give us a “like” while you’re there.

Here’s a small section of sample films to give you a taste of what we’re about.  These videos are presented in full HD so may take a short time to load depending on the speed of your broadband. Click on the HD button in the bottom right corner of the clip to switch off HD if you’ve got a slow connection. 

In addition to your 12-15 minute “Highlights” we also create bonus features for you including your “Best Bits” montage set to music of your choice.

Your “Best Bits” are perfect to share with your friends and family on FacebookTwitter or wherever else in cyberspace you choose.  If you’d rather keep it to yourself that’s fine too, we can password protect it!

Don’t forget, our latest clips are online at our Videoteers Vimeo Channel  

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